Yer a Jedi Anakin.

Since Star Wars was first released in 1977 everyone who has seen it has wanted to be a Jedi. Wielding a laser sword, slicing through anything you want, going on a rampage, cutting down trees, the list of what people have wanted to do if they were a Jedi is numerous and still growing.It even spawned a religion where people actually believe that the force connects us all and that very few people if any are force sensitive.

I can remember when I was a kid and saw the movies. For the next year I was constantly wishing to discover that I could use the force even though I knew it wasn't real. It was my Hogwarts letter. And I wasn't the only one, every one of my friends wanted to be a Jedi too, and this was over a decade since the original movie had come out!

The force effect.

Star Wars has resonated with millions if not billions of people worldwide and now they are making a new trilogy. The series has invaded every single industry, from books to clothing; there is some Star Wars merchandise. Because of this, many companies realized they needed to make games for the universe.

Most of these games were truly awful and just shovel ware relying on the brand name to sell; however a few were truly exceptional games. Among those games were Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Knight.

Jedi Knight.

The series was first person when using a gun and 3rd person when using a lightsaber. You played a Jedi who was fighting his past that had come back to haunt him. The game was fantastic and has spawned several sequels, including one where you play as a new Jedi. This was the most recent Jedi Knight game and it was called Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. In it you played an unknown Jedi who is being trained by Kyle Katarn, the main character for the previous games, and Luke Skywalker.

In these games you were given the option of going down the evil or good path although the end result was relatively the same. The mere thought playing as a sith was an exhilarating idea to many as that had never happened in a game previous to this series. In most games since the last installment you have been unable to choose a side until the very end (see: Force Unleashed).

Good Knight Jedi.

Since the last installment fans of the series have wanted a new game for years. The lightsaber combat was fun and actually made you feel like you were using a lightsaber; the force powers had a great feel to them and made you feel immensely powerful. The only other series that has made you feel like such a powerful Jedi has been Knights of the Old Republic, which also hasn't had an installment in years.

Two of the best series that made you feel like a Jedi haven’t been on the gaming scene for years. They were both immensely fun, had rich stories, and were just enjoyable to feel like you were a Jedi. These games worked because it fulfilled childhood fantasies of many children. They wanted to be Jedi and now they could.

The possible return.

EA purchased the rights to the Star Wars games last year and since only Battlefront has been announced. Yesterday I talked about how KotOR could see a comeback and I believe that Jedi Knight will most likely receive a comeback as well. The game was fun, sold well, and has tons of fans. In the same vein of KotOR, why not bring it back?

The only problem becomes how different it could be. It might not please fans and they might dumb the combat down to be more like Force Unleashed than a true Jedi Knight game. I hope that isn’t likely but with EA anything could happen. Visceral games (creator of Dead Space) is currently working on a Star Wars game, is it a Boba Fett 3rd person shooter or is it a Jedi Knight game? Personally I have no idea but I can’t imagine not having Jedi Knight return to fill more children’s fantasies of being Jedi. I would expect to see more Star Wars game info at E3 this year.

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